Who is Dwight?



My name is Dwight Antonio Anderson and I’m running for Congress, representing District 20. I have always wanted to be in a position to advocate for the less fortunate. Being in Congress would provide the perfect platform to highlight and solve the myriad of issues faced by the citizens.


I worked as a Finance Manager for approximately 26 years in the auto industry and see the obstacles that people, especially the poor, encounter in the financial sector. I am uniquely qualified to serve in Congress to legislate on behalf of the poor and middle class, knowing what their experiences are. Tax cut for the rich is not on my agenda but minimum wage is. People should be able to earn a living wage that will allow them to to live dignified lives. I’m also concerned about criminal justice and social justice and believe that they should be standard for all.


I’m a father and the eldest of five children for my parents. My father died when I was not yet ten years old, leaving my mother who was a nurse. She remained a single mom for many years and I saw the challenges she faced providing and caring for her children. Life could have been better but the experiences opened my eyes to the many issues faced by families, such as housing, single parenting, and family care.


My belief in God gives me added hope that things can be better for all but especially those who think that the odds are stacked against them. Irrespective of one’s social status in life, everyone should feel dignified because dignity should not only be reserved for the affluent. I will not lose sight of what and who are important. I am dedicated to this cause. Public office means public service, not special interest nor self interest. You can rely on me to serve you


1. Housing:

a) Affordable housing.

b) HUD should not require more than 12 months to place an applicant in a home.


2. Day Care:

a) Implement feeding program

b) Adequate staffing.

c) Extended day care hours.



3. Heath Care & Prescription Drugs: Expand health care and reduce drug prices.


4. Minimum wage:

a) Increase to acceptable level to allow people to live with dignity.



5. Immigration:

a) Reform to include DACA and asylum seekers.



6. Education:

a) Ensure schools are secure and properly ventilated.

b) Adequate pay for teachers.




a) Protect their rights.



8. Taxation:

Recommend changes to our tax code. Currently, middle class and

poor are more frequently audited.



9 Social Security:

Benefits should be immune to any levy, including IRS if its your only

source income.


10. SBA loans to churches should be forgiven.


11. Anyone earning under $30,000 should not have to pay income tax.

12. Legal Aid Reform: Reform Legal Aid to include representation for appeals. It

is unfair to forego an appeal because it is costly.